About ATCS

AGRICULTURE TRANSFORMATION CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED is a private firm established with the main objective of transforming agriculture in Africa from small scale/subsistence to commercial agriculture and agribusiness enterprise. The firm has been established by a team of agriculture experts who have many years of practical agriculture transformation experience in many developed countries. The key expertise the team has include agriculture economic analysis and agribusiness plan development, capacity building in value chain and value addition, post-harvest handling technologies, agriculture market research, human and institutional capacity development in agriculture and agribusiness.


  • Provise consultancy services to arming communities and agribusiness investors in developing market based agribusiness plan that will ensure competitivness in the local, national and international markets.
  • Train farmers in all aspects of agricultural production and agribusiness in order to improve production, processing and market competiveness.
  • Promote agricultural value chain and value addition as a way of enhancing agricultural enterprises, creating employment and increasing household income.
  • Provide cosultancy services to the goverment, the private sector and development partners in thier efforts to ransform small scale/subsistance agriculture in Ugand into commercial and agribusiness enterprise.

    Mission and vision

    OUR MISSION: To provide technical and managment support services to small scale / subsistance farmers and small scale entreprenuers to enable them engage in commercial agriculture and agribusiness.
    VISION: Agriculture is transformed from small scale / subsistance to full scale commercial agriculture and agribusiness.


  • Conduct field das and exchange visits to show the benefits of applicatioof the appropriate agriculture practices and technologies .
  • Train individuals and groups of farmers, small and medium scale entreprenuers in all aspects of agricultural value chain and value adition, post harvet handling and agro processing technologies.
  • Build the capacities of group associations of farmers and SMEs in agriculture, agribusiness managment and marketing.
  • activities

  • Develop agricutlure and agribusiness plans based on market research economic analysis and indicatore.
  • Train individuals and groups of farmers in all aspects of agriculture.
  • Provide extensions services as a follow up to ensure that farmers apply the basic skills acquired at the training.

    Mr. Charles Awa-leyi Agobia ( Chief Executive Officer and Senior Consultant)
    Mr. Charles Awa-leyi Agobia is the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Consultant at Agriculture Transformation Consultancy Services (ATCS) Limited. Mr. Agobia is also the Executive Director of Nile Development Foundation (NIDEF), an NGO that focuses on Promoting Appropriate Agricultural Technologies, Environmental Protection, Natural Resource & Climate Change Management, Supporting Education & Vocational Training, Primary Healthcare, Gender Equality & Youth Empowerment.
    Mr. Agobia holds a Master of Science Degree in Tropical Agriculture from University of London United Kingdom; Bachelor of Science Degrees in Agriculture and Animal Science from the University of Dalhousie, Canada and Post-graduate Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation at Makerere University, Uganda. He has over twenty years’ extensive international development experience with expertise in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of large scale agriculture, food security, human and institutional capacity development, humanitarian and recovery programs and projects. Mr. Agobia recently retired from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as Chief Technical Advisor and Acting FAO Representative in Sudan.

    Mr.Amajuru Simon Madraruis (Partner and Senior Consultant)
    Mr.Amajuru Simon Madraruis a Partner and Senior Consultant at Agriculture Transformation Consultancy Services (ATCS) Limited has several years work experience. Mr. Amajuru holds M.A (International Human Rights), a postgraduate diploma in Education and a Bachelors in Economics and Geography degree. He has tested capacity and experience in planning and managing donor funded development programs and NGOs.
    In addition, he has a long experience in organizational development and competence in the following areas: Developing and facilitating the development of strategic plans; Conducting External evaluation and reviews; designing monitoring and evaluation systems; and training in monitoring and evaluation; Conducting situation analysis and baseline surveys; Training in participatory tools and methodologies; Training in Project Cycle Management, including formulation of LOGFRAM; Facilitating Organizational Self-Assessment for stakeholders of organizations; Management of Civil Society Organizations; Writing project/programme proposals to secure funding from donors; Developing Project Implementation Manuals; Planning and conducting participatory poverty assessments; Human Rights (especially focusing development as a human rights issue)l Social research, especially on issues involving marginalized interest groups; Organizational development issues, including development of the Boards of organizations; Policy analysis and advocacy; Partnership development and sustenance between Civil Society, private sector and Governments

    Dr. ISAIHAH OWIUNJI (Partner and Senior Consultant)
    He holds a PhD in Planning and Environmental Management of the University of Manchester, England; specializing in Petroleum Development and Biodiversity Conservation in Protected Areas of Albertine Graben in Uganda. Masters and Bachelor of Science Degrees from Makerere University in natural resources and wildlife management and Postgraduate Diploma in project planning and management from Uganda Management Institute.

    RAJIV AGARWAL (Partner and Senior Consultant)
    International organization engage me for establishing and managing the operations and proving guidance to the leaders and senior management teams. I bring multi-sectorial / Multi-disciplinary experience and a robust integral theatrical framework to my work along with hard won managerial and entrepreneurial framework to my work along with hard won managerial and entrepreneurial prowess. Successfully managed corporate services for an average operations of 65 million USD for FAO Somalia for last 3 years. Also managed corporate services for private sector for 15 years and FAO 10 years.
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